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Welcome to N9NE LIVES. We are a clothing brand inspired by God and led to teach others how to let go of the past. Our mission is to encourage you and your loved ones To "Leave Your Past Behind."

The second half of our motto is to "Start New Everyday." So once you Leave Your Past Behind, begin each day as a new experience. God wants to bless you and he can't move you forward if anything in life is weighing you down.

Remember that God is the God or our yesterday's. "Forget the former things, do not dwell on the past."

-Isaiah 43:18

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Forgiven- Black history Month Tee or Crewneck

Available Now!

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Laying Hands Tee

This Tee is the perfect gift for a dad and perfect for Black history Month. Now available in tee shirt colors Black or White.

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Scream it loud and proud that you have found true freedom with Christ in this tee. Available in African theme colors for February.

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